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What Is the Job of Residential Electricians?

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Every building is connected to a power source, allowing people to use such devices as lights, water heaters, and computers. However, for this to happen, wires must first be run through a building’s walls to connect power outlets to breaker boxes, and then the breaker box to an exterior power source. The job of residential electricians is to run these wires throughout the home, put them in a breaker box, and ensure everything is in order for the power company to connect the house to the main power lines found outside. This professional is trained to perform all types of electrical wiring that are found within a residential setting.

A domestic electrician has to be highly proficient with running cables through walls, attics, or beneath a house during a construction phase. It is important for them to understand the different types of wires which could be used because different appliances need different-sized wires to work properly. If the wrong type of wire is installed, it may overload circuits, cause malfunction with appliances, and even start fires.

Another common task given to residential electricians is upgrading wires and breaker boxes found in older-style houses. Houses which were built before dryers, computers, or televisions are not normally capable of handling such big amounts of electricity being used all at once. For this alone, they need upgrades so that higher wattage can be used and not overload breakers. Sometimes, the wires will be worn and have to be replaced to prevent any malfunctions or create house fires.

Sometimes, homeowners may require help installing fixtures, appliances, or ceiling fans. Residential electricians will be called to perform these minor jobs, thus ensuring they are installed properly the first time around. Some electricians specialize with the repairing of big home appliances and fixtures. Call Active Electric based in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.(704) 412-4170.