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Stay Safe and Call the Electricians

Why You Need Residential Electricians

In the effort to save on funds, more and more homeowners have been deciding to take on the challenge of some household fixes and jobs that they wouldn’t normally do. Homeowners have turned into amateur carpenters, plumbers, and a whole lot of other professions. But one should stay away from doing any electrical work as this should only be done by residential electricians. Here are a couple of reasons why:

It’s Dangerous

Loosening up a lightbulb and installing a new one sounds easy enough, but other electrical work like dealing with high voltage equipment and circuit breakers can be dangerous. There have been more than a dozen documented cases of homeowners paying the consequences for making mistakes when doing electrical work. Save yourself from getting electrocuted and call residential electricians instead.

Fire Hazards

You may have successfully fixed a light from flickering, but the shoddy work that you might have done might lead to a bigger problem like a house fire. A spark at the wrong place is all it needs to start a blaze. Residential electricians are experienced enough to know what are the things to check on to ensure that the job is performed as properly and as safely as possible.


As an amateur, you might be using the wrong tools for the wrong job and this could be dangerous too. Using a set of pliers with no rubber handle on a live wire is a perfect example. Contact a residential electrician and they will have the right tools and the knowledge to use them.

Now, you could find a residential electrician online or you could simply check out Active Electric. We offer a wide array of electrical services and we pride ourselves on being as safe as possible with our work. You can find us in Ocean Isle Beach, NC and please don’t hesitate to contact us at (704) 412-4170 for all of your questions and concerns.