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Retrofitting the House Installation

Signs you need to call a house electrician to retrofit your home

Today’s modern house relies almost entirely on the power of electricity. It is needed for almost every single device at home: PCs, hair dryers, stoves, microwaves, TV, etc. Given the rapid speed with which all these appliances improve, especially the laptops, consoles and other portables, having a home installation that is up to the latest changes, both in energy consumption demands as well as safety regulations, is a must. But how to determine that your property needs to be retrofitted by a house electrician? Here are some of the common signs:

You get left in the dark or have lightings flicking when another appliance is turned on.

Are the fuses constantly blowing? Do the lights in the room dim when you turn on other devices like the fridge, the air conditioner or the TV? All of the mentioned events point to the circuits drawing more current than they can provide safely. This also indicates a dangerous fault on one or more circuits.

Your floor looks like a snake farm and you don’t have outlets for some of the plugs

Do you have many cables and extension cords running under the carpet and the furniture? Are there no outlets that can hold three-pronged power plugs? These signs indicate that your home might need a retrofit as they show that the current structure of the electric installation is not enough for the number of appliances you have in your household.

Outlets are not up to standard, there’s rust around them and they are warm to the touch

Are all electrical system surfaces like the power switches warm to the touch? Do you see blackening around wire ends and switch terminals? When you remove a switch cover, is there black rubber under it? Does the main service panel have rust around or underneath it? This may indicate that your home is in urgent need of repair or upgrade especially if your home is over 25 years old.

Retrofitting and maintaining the electrical system of your home is a must. If you happen to spot any of the mentioned signs above, you should contact your local house electrician company. For instance, if you live in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, one of the contractors you can call is Active Electric. They have over 18 years of experience in home installation repairs and upgrading.