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Reasons to Have Your Electrics Regularly Inspected

Why You Should Use a Professional Electrician for Inspections


An electrical inspection helps make sure all electrical systems and wires within a building meet all legal safety regulations. There is in place a national electric code, which most electrical inspectors must use when determining if certain electrical service installations are acceptable. In some cases, an inspection, or even multiple ones, is included with a permit, usually required by the local government.

Many inspections are performed by a local government body. For people looking to ensure they pass all electrical inspections before the official comes out, a private inspector can be called in. They will advise the on-site electrician or owner of any issues that need immediate improvement before an official inspection takes place.

There are three kinds of inspections that occur during the installation of any electrical system. The first is called a rough in inspection. During which time, all wires, conduits, and boxes are checked. The second will be the service inspection. While there are numerous things that have to happen in order to pass this inspection, ensuring a service panel is installed and grounded correctly are two important factors. The third is the last inspection. At which point, every breaker and final touches are to be installed, and an electrical system must be in full working order.

In most cases, before the city even considers passing an inspection, the work has to be performed by a fully licensed electrician. Most municipalities have test for electricians numerous times a year. Some could accept a certificate from other municipalities or statewide associations. Others insist the electrician is to be certified locally, by the city they are doing business in. This ensures quality work is getting provided, which helps the inspection process. The exception to this is where the owner does the work himself. This, though, is not something most people have sufficient experience to do.

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