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Protect Your Home from Electrical Fires in 4 Easy Steps

Tips from Local Electricians for Avoiding Electrical Fires


Electrical fires can be devastating and unexpected. They happen as a result of faulty wiring and various other electrical issues. Unfortunately, such incidents can be very dangerous. They can spiral out of control quicker than other fires, which makes them very hard to extinguish and manage. They can cause property damage for thousands of dollars, and the worse part is, they can spread throughout entire neighborhoods and cause even more damage. Such fires need to be managed and extinguished quickly. As a homeowner, however, your task should be to avoid causing them in the first place. Prevention is the best protection in such cases. Here is what you need to do in order to avoid such incidents:

  1. For starters, you need to avoid overloading the electrical circuits. If you put all the electrical transfer or consumption into one branch of the circuit that surrounds your home, this will put a considerable amount of pressure on that branch of the circuit and could overload it. This is highly likely when using several heavy power consumers all at the same time. The system could keep up the pace at first, and deteriorate in time. So, we recommend you spread the power usage around the house, and use more outlets to relieve the pressure of some of the more busy circuits.
  2. Regular electrical inspections are also beneficial for your system. Call your local electricians, and have them check for problems. You can also do it yourself, but we don’t recommend you do that without professional supervision. If they discover any frayed wiring or damaged circuits, then you will have to fix that as soon as possible.
  3. If you have just bought an old residential property, then as experienced electricians, we need to warn you that most wires come with a warranty of about 30 years. So, if your home is renovated but doesn’t have new wiring, then we suggest you inspect it for signs of deterioration. Usually, older wires have more trouble coping with the power consumption of modern appliances.
  4. If your circuit breakers are flipping and shutting down too often, then you need to call the electricians for sure. This is an indication that the circuit is getting overloaded.

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