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How to Protect Your Home From Electrical Hazards

When to Call for a Licensed Electrician

It is highly important for a home to have a properly functioning electrical system. That is why you are required to call for a licensed electrician right away for signs of electrical damage or malfunctions. You’ll never know if you are already having a big electrical problem at home unless you let experts check into your electrical system. Never hesitate to report any case of electrical malfunction, whether minor or major, to a local electrical company near you. You have more chances of saving or protecting your entire property if you get professional help right away. Here are sample situations when you should call a licensed electrician.

Tripping circuit breakers
Plugging faulty appliance usually cause your circuit breakers to trip. In case you have tripping circuit breakers without any particular reason, immediately call in professionals to conduct inspections in your electrical system.

Burning smell

A strong smell of a burning plastic is one common indication of an electrical fire. In this case, you should immediately call for the service a licensed electrician.

Damaged wires

Either caused by accidents or old age, immediately calling the attention of skilled electricians is crucial in the case of damaged wires. Faulty wirings can also have destructive effects on your electrical appliances.

Sparks coming from outlets

Once you see sparks coming from outlets, fuse or breaker panel, you should waste no time in calling for electricians to do the necessary inspections. Such a situation can be highly dangerous to your kids and requires immediate attention.

To be able to properly regulate your electrical system, always get the professional assistance of electricians. If your residential or commercial property is located in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, hire no other professionals than us at Active Electric. For your emergency needs, don’t forget to call us at (704) 412-4170 right away and we’ll be right there in time to help you out.