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How to Protect Your Home from Electrical Hazards: When to Hire an Electrician

Reduce the risk of electrical hazards around your property by having your failed electrical system repaired by a licensed electrician. It would be too dangerous to do the fixes on your own, especially if you have little knowledge about electrical procedures. If you are experiencing the following electrical malfunctions at home, call a trusted electrician in your area right away.

Electric shocks when plugging in appliances

You are fortunate if you only experience a minor electric shock when plugging in an appliance. Worse incidents with electricity can take your body into a trauma. If you’re experiencing these electric shocks, this can mean a wiring is frayed and has lost its insulation. Call a professional immediately to locate and solve the electric problem.

Burning smell along the wires

Once you notice a distinct acrid burning smell, immediately call a residential electrician to check the problem. Burning smells can be an indication of an electric fire that could get worse once the material surrounding the wiring catches fire too.

Discoloration of switches and outlets

If you notice a discoloration on your switches and outlets, don’t touch it until it is properly checked by a professional. Discoloration could mean a serious electrical problem. A small fire can start just behind outlets and light switches in such cases.

Blown fuses and circuit breakers

If you notice that you’ve been frequently replacing blown fuses and resetting a tripped circuit breaker, it’s time to call a professional electrician to check on your electrical systems.

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