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How to Be Safe in Your Own Home

Tips from Professional Residential Electricians

When an Appliance Is Still Plugged In

Even when an appliance is technically switched off, when it is still plugged into the wall, it will still receive some form of electricity. Which means it can still pose a danger to both you and your family when mishandled. Which is why our residential electricians always advise people to unplug every appliance once they have finished using it or use circuit switches which will allow them to switch off power to an outlet once you have finished using it.

Extension cords

Many electricians do not like extension cords, due to the fact they pose such a risk to the safety of a home. Not only do they pose a tripping hazard, but they can also overload easily, which results in overheating and a fire risk! Not only that, many homeowners will not think twice about the age or integrity of the extension cord they use.

These are all very big concerns and it is vital that you remember when using extension cords in your home that:

a) you use them with care

b) you do not overload them

c) you never plug an extension cord into another one, and

d) you regularly check extension cords for damage or wear, and replace them immediately if you notice anything dangerous.

Always unplug it!

Whether you are trying to remove stuck toast out of a toaster, clean the bottom of it or pry a stuck plug out of your extension, you should always unplug it beforehand! Never play with any device which is still plugged in even when you are being careful! Just unplug the device to remove any source of power. If you are dealing with an especially difficult job and are unsure where to start, consider talking to local residential electricians like Active Electric in Ocean Isle Beach, NC that will be able to take care of the problem for you! Call today to make an appointment at (704) 412-4170.