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5 Hazards if You Don’t Hire a Professional Electrician

Tips From a Residential Electrical Repair Expert


Do you have outdoor lighting in your facade that won’t stop flickering? Perhaps, you’re looking to fix the electrical outlet in the kitchen because you need it to keep your refrigerator on? Dealing with electrical repairs is frustrating and daunting. You might feel empowered after watching a tutorial video, but it might not be enough. While it’s true that DIY repairs can help you save a lot of money, it puts your property, your family, and yourself at risk. This is why it makes perfect sense to call a residential electrical repair expert. Read on to know the reasons why it’s important.

Start a fire

If your outdoor lights are flickering, it might be faulty, If you left it unchecked or ignore its repair, it might start a fire sooner or later. On the other hand, overloading a circuit can cause a fire, too! Professional residential electrical repair service providers are all trained and will do anything to avoid fires.


Getting an electrical shock while trying to plug in an appliance or turning on the television can be one of your highlights in the year. However, most of these are fatal. Never try to repair any electrical wiring if you don’t have the right equipment and tools, as well as the knowledge to do so or you’ll get the shock for a lifetime!

Violation of building regulations

The reason why you need to call a professional electrician for repairs is to follow building codes and rules. You might call an electrician that will not use the proper method of repairing electrical wirings and end up violating these rules. It will all show up when the inspector will check your house when you’re going to sell it.

Further damage to property

One of the most important reasons to hire a professional is to avoid any further damage. If your main circuit panel or generator is already damage, neglecting the repair will only add fuel to the fire. If you don’t want to lose your assets or your entire property, hire the right professional for the job.

As a homeowner, your goal is to make your family feel safe and secured. Don’t trade a couple of bucks for your family’s peace of mind. When there’s a faulty electrical wiring, don’t hesitate to call (704) 412-4170. Active Electric is a residential electrical repair expert in Ocean Isle Beach, NC that you can count on.