Winter Electrical System Safety Tips – Part 2

November 22, 2016
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Our Electrician Knows How to Help You Avoid Issues with Your Electric System and Appliances

Last week, we have started a topic dedicated to winter electrical installation and appliances safety. Today, as we promised, we will continue the topic with a few more tips.  Here are some basic safety instructions from our top electrician:

  • Electric blanket safety

– There is a safety instruction manual to which you should always stick when using an electrical blanket.

– Electric blankets which are older than 10 years should be thrown away no matter whether they still work or not. You should never risk covering your body with a blanket which may not be functioning properly.

– No matter how good it feels, never leave your electric blanket turned on while you sleep. Use it to heat up your bed in the cold winter nights but turn it off in order to make sure you will stay safe.

– If the blanket needs washing, you may do your best to brush it without applying heavy pressure on it but never apply cleaning chemicals on top of it. They may provoke an accidental reaction with the cables inside the blankets and provoke an injury.

  • Bathroom heating

– Installing bathroom heating is the best way to avoid pre-heating your bathroom with a portable heater which is extremely hazardous. Fixed heaters, installed by a licensed electrician is the safest possible solution to consider.

– The most important thing to consider is installing the towel rails the correct way. This means that the lowest heating rail should be mounted high enough off the floor to be safe for young children.

Of course, there are plenty of other aspects of winter electric appliances safety use. If you want to learn more about a few of them, you can read our previous and our next post. If meanwhile, you seek a reliable local electrician to help you fix and electrical wiring or appliance problems around your home, you can always count on the services of Active Electric. Call our office in Charlotte, NC now, at (704)-392 8696, and we will solve your electrical issues whenever you want!

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