Winter Electrical System Safety Tips – Part 1

November 8, 2016
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Our Residential Electrician Knows How to Help You Stay Safe This Winter!

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There are plenty of flammable objects around your home or electrical appliances which can cause fire if they fail to operate properly. This is why, you need to make annual electrical system inspections before the winter season when usually more energy is consumed. Today, our residential electrician will provide you with some safety tips on how to avoid potential safety issues.


  • Cords, plugs, and switches

– Get the cords checked. Before you plug in or switch your heater or electric blanket after you have not been using them for almost a year, make sure to get your cords inspected. If they are worn, frayed, or damaged, repair or replace them with the help of an experienced local electrician.

– Wall outlets. If you have small children which are curious to ”find out everything which the world can offer them”, make sure to child-proof your power outlets. Any hardware or electrical store will have the safety caps you can easily install yourself.

– Switches. Light and power switches should be professionally installed by a licensed residential electrician if you want to feel secure in your home. Winter is the most appropriate season for testing your safety switch. Just press the “T” or “test” button in your meter box.

– Plugs. Since in winter you use more appliances than in the summer, make sure that when you unplug them the cord is not pulled. Use the switch to turn them off first and then carefully pull from the plug.

– Avoid overloading. If you use too many adapters plugged in a single outlets, you will most probably overload it. If you use only one power board per wall outlet with a safety switch, you will definitely protect both your electrical system and yourself!


  • Electric heater safety

– There are safety instructions that you should always stick to when using an electrical heater in your home.

– Extension cords and electrical heaters are not a good combination, so always switch this appliance directly into the outlet, as is consuming a lot of energy.

– Never hire the cords of your heater under carpets or furniture as this may damage them.

– Keep flammable and combustible items away from the heater.

– Do not block your heater’s intake or exhaust.

– Never use portable heaters in bathrooms and other damp rooms.


Next week, our residential electrician will provide you with more tips on winter appliance safety tips, so make sure to read the next post of Active Electric! Meanwhile you can call our office in Charlotte, NC at (704)-392 8696 if you need some expert help by a licensed electrician!

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