Electrical Service

If your house requires more power, due to building additions or remodeling, you need to hire an electrical company that provides quality panel upgrades. Active Electric in Charlotte, NC is the company that you have been looking for. Our residential electricians are highly trained and skilled, always providing quality service to exceed your expectations.

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Residential ElectriciansUpgrading an electrical panel can be a difficult job for a person that doesn’t have the necessary knowledge. Your new box may have more supply lines from the power company and also can have more breakers. That is why you should trust our experienced residential electricians. They are qualified, and they will give you the best possible services. Our electricians will take the breakers out carefully from the panel, and they will disconnect the ground line.

Of course, in a field that can sometimes be dangerous, the safety of our customers is our first priority. That is why we are a team of qualified workers that are dedicated and passionate to their job.

Our electricians will make sure there is a connection between the ground bar and the neutral bar. They will then check if the lines and the breakers were installed correctly. If everything was installed properly, with no mistakes, more circuits and breakers can be added. If you need additional help in this area, you can always rely on our electricians; they provide more than panel upgrades. By choosing us, you will get quality, loyal, professional treatment and perfect results. So if, you live in Charlotte, NC, don’t hesitate to contact Active Electric at (704)-392 8696. We will be happy to help you.